John, Paul, George, & Ben by Lane Smith

4 stars! A passel of historical facts and a smattering of tall tales yield some laugh-out-loud results for readers who discover how Paul developed his booming voice (bells, bells, bells) and the reason (cherry trees + axe) George went on to become the only President not ALLOWED to live in Washington D.C.

Honey: A Gift from Nature by Yumiko Fujiwara, illus. by Hideko Ise

3 stars! The images in the book are luminous: a breakfast table on a bright sunny morning; fat, butter-colored honeybees; a shimmering veil of rain; richly hued autumn leaves; and honey in tones of yellow, amber, gold and brown.

If Mom Had Three Arms by Karen Kaufman Orloff, illus. by Pete Whitehead

3 stars! Instead of color or line to move the reader from page to page, Whitehead incorporates numbers into each page, reinforcing the counting, propelling the book, and creating a find the figure game for readers, most cleverly when the number is disguised as a piece of coral or sculpture.

A Day In the Life: Thursday February 3, 2022

7:30am alarm – snooze 7:39am alarm – snooze 7:40am scroll Facebook instead of making breakfast or tea or packing lunch 7:50am drag self out of bed, throw on comfortable shoes, a dress too long for the rainy weather, and a zip up fair aisle cardigan – no bun today! 8am hit the road! Traffic. DelayedContinue reading “A Day In the Life: Thursday February 3, 2022”