A Day In the Life: Thursday February 3, 2022

What does a library director DO all day, you ask???

7:30am alarm – snooze

7:39am alarm – snooze

7:40am scroll Facebook instead of making breakfast or tea or packing lunch

7:50am drag self out of bed, throw on comfortable shoes, don a dress too long for the rainy weather, and a zip up fair isle cardigan – no bun today!

8am hit the road! Traffic. Delayed about 5 min. Listened to Conan O’Brien interviewing Justice Sotomayor.

8:55am enter library building

9:00am Zoom Staff meeting / materials selection policy review

10:10am check-in with staff member

10:25am relocate a plant, leaving a leafy trail behind me to the delight of the custodian who lives to vacuum (not really)

10:30am tea & email

10:40am check in about Construction issue (scheduling painting – do we have an extension ladder)

10:45am wordsmith a quote for a construction press release

11:00am start compiling the weekly report

11:30am respond to town accountants RFI – pull state aid info

12:00pm collection development – added requested new NYT bestseller to Nonfiction order

12:10pm interview prep

12:30pm check in with technician

12:35pm interview prep

1:00pm question about bills

1:10pm email

1:20pm meeting with a patron regarding mask altercation

1:30pm interview

2:40pm approve weekly warrant for bills to be

2:43pm check a patron account

2:45pm apple & almonds for lunch in my car on way to school pickup

3:15pm OT (kid not me)

5:00pm Wegmans run

6:30pm dinner prep, mail, email

7:00pm dinner (Wegmans noodles, dumplings, egg rolls & sushi, too wiped to cook)

7:30pm webinar on grass roots activism to counteract book banning

8:00pm discussion with multiple people regarding tomorrow’s weather derails attempt to finish webinar

8:15pm delegating of closing tasks

8:30pm laundry folding, Italian ice for dessert

9:45pm wrangle kid to bed, Diary of a Wimpy Kid read aloud, 3 minute loving-kindness meditation & bedtime routine

10:45pm back to work–need to go post on website & social media regarding inclement weather closure

note: this accounting was in response to this McSweeney’s article, How Non-Librarians Imagine A Librarian’s Typical Workday by John Howard Matthews

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reader, writer, gamer, LEGO enthusiast. Avid romance reader.

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