A Day In the Life: Thursday February 3, 2022

What does a library director DO all day, you ask??? 7:30am alarm – snooze 7:39am alarm – snooze 7:40am scroll Facebook instead of making breakfast or tea or packing lunch 7:50am drag self out of bed, throw on comfortable shoes, don a dress too long for the rainy weather, and a zip up fair isleContinue reading “A Day In the Life: Thursday February 3, 2022”

Library Day in the Life, Round 5

I only have a few professional development gigs this summer, and the rest of my time has been spent delivering patron end programs – gaming sessions, video game design workshops, creative writing and altered book programs. Since the summer was slated to be so slow, when I heard that the public library I used toContinue reading “Library Day in the Life, Round 5”