Pain in the Brain!

Or, the Fair Garden and Swarm of Beasts! Thanks to the MA Regional Library System for hosting several visits around the state in 2011. Materials from the session follow!



Understanding the Brain

Behavior Tip Sheet

40 Developmental Assets


Things we love about teens

  • sense of humor
  • different personalities
  • crack me up
  • (2) keep on toes
  • know what they want (or don’t want)
  • outcomes
  • reading their books, suggesting books, bookmarks
  • interesting group dynamics (fascinating)
  • generosity (reading buddies)
  • tech saavy
  • 2 different perspectives
  • change the world
  • sense of adventure
  • willing to help if you appear to need it
  • pull into programs
  • enthusiasm
  • never cease to surprise
  • like them in general
  • common interests
  • volunteers turn into staff!
  • break through to find rapport
  • idealism
  • energy
  • surprised by insight & maturity
    come to me
  • info lit light bulb goes off! do things the right way
  • eager to share
  • listening to their conversations (funny when trying to be serious)
  • passion for pop culture
  • finally getting the nod of head or smile or hello (acknowledgement)
  • creativity
  • seek me out to recommend books to me!
  • passionate
  • perceptive

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