Games Designed by Manchester-by-the-Sea Teens

Thanks to the Manchester-by-the-Sea Public Library for having me facilitate a game design workshop using the Cartoon Network’s Game Creator software. Games designed and created by teens follow after the break.

Gear Part 4 Gear by Immortal Beatrice Saber

Magdalorian Thunder Magna by Immortal Beatrice Saber

Search Hunter Chase by Immortal Beatrice Saber

Charge Republic Thunder by Loopy Buffy Rooster

Ahsoka Metal Rock by Loopy Buffy Rooster

Ultimate Alien Invasion by Reckless Jack Calypso

Clone Rampage Stronghold by Squishy Benton Hogwash

Charge Smash Crusade by Wise Zoe Zephyr

Part 2 Nitro Ahsoka by Witty Amy Witch

Ultra Target System by Witty Amy Witch

The Librarian’s Game! Streak Warp Teleport by Lanky Terry Cowboy

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