MSLA: Creating and Maintaining Your Online Identity

Thanks to the Massachusetts School Library Association for inviting me to present, not once, but twice! I was thrilled to be a featured speaker this year. Monday’s presentation focused on Creating and Maintaining Your Online Identity. Slides and links follow after the break.



Handout: Creating an Avatar

EDIT, 10/8/09: Thanks to Lucy Clerkin, for asking about cleaning up one’s identity, and offering a workshop for students on how to delete their social networking profiles.I added the following links to the “identity” tag in my delicious bookmarks:

Point students here, first: how to lock down their Facebook profiles:
10 Privacy Settings Every Facebook User Should Know

Deleting your Facebook Account:

Deleting Your MySpace Profile:

How to Delete Your LinkedIn Profile:

How to Close Your Yahoo! Account

Excluding Your Site from the Wayback Machine:

Google Phonebook Removal

Delete Your Flickr Account:

Flickr Privacy & Permissions

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