Pain in the Brain: Watertown Public Library

Thanks to the Watertown Public Library for hosting me for a staff inservice on Teen Behavior! Slides, handouts and links, follow after the break.

ICEBREAKER: Things we enjoy about teens

  • irreverant sense of humor
  • funny
  • getting to know them
  • enthusiasm
  • potential
  • interesting
  • watching them grow up
  • ideas
  • keeps me younger
  • perspective
  • conversations



Exercise: Behavior Situation Solutions

  • Several teens discussing a party; older patron complains
  • Defend teens if in teen room
  • Treat like adults on a cell phone
  • Ask to consider audience (friend of parents, police)
  • Teen asked to leave at 4 due to disturbance, returns at 7.
    • “I think you’re not supposed to be here”
    • “We’d love to have you back… just not today!”
  • Computer time limit violation after warning
  • Personal touch – “What are you working on?”
  • State consequences at interactions

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