Who YA? Why YA? How YA?

Thanks to the Southeast Regional Library System in OH for hosting my workshop on teens in the library! Slides, handouts and links follow after the break. If you attended, please take a moment to complete this EVALUATION.


Part of the session included information about henna, a demo, and henna slinging for anyone who wanted it! Thanks to Penni for providing the henna portion of the program.


(mine is the 2nd from the bottom, to the left, with a silver ring — flowers going from my wrist to finger on my right hand),




Carousel Brainstorming Results

Book Program: movie release party for a book based film to include trivia – jeopardy and book to movie discussion


  • highlight print & av collection
  • build on assets: critical thinking, community, relationships


  • email to schools/organizations
  • posters & displays in teen area
  • website
  • local businesses donate food
  • newspapers
  • screen scroll on PCs
  • screen savers with program info


  • short questionnaire (book or movie? why?)
  • did you enjoy program?
  • like to see something similar?

Tech Program: Cell phone scavenger hunt (locate obscure items in the library – page from a book, picture of founder). Prizes optional.


  • connect with adults other than parents
  • team building
  • reference
  • familiaze with library


  • email or text teens
  • inform teachers
  • school tv
  • parterships w/ schools, libraries


  • online survey

Volunteer Program: Teens teaching adults to use the Wii to meet social, tech, entertainment needs


  • serve diverse age groups
  • get people involved
  • community activity for teens
  • provide basic tech skills for adults
  • break down communicational perception barriers between generations


  • senior centers
  • schools
  • clubs
  • community centers
  • physical rehab centers
  • videogame stores
  • online
  • facebook
  • library website
  • myspace
  • blog


  • written survey for seniors
  • post-event discussion w/ teens
  • anecdotal info
  • SERLS paid survey monkey account

Contest: Books into Art – select a book title & create a piece of original art inspired by the title (any medium)


  • encourage creativity
  • make book connections
  • give recognition for teen talent


  • partner with local related businesses & professionals
  • invite local artists to judge
  • ask local artists or art instructors to host awards or workshop
  • ask local businesses to donate prizes


  • record number of participants
  • amount of pieces created
  • attendance at award ceremony
  • survey for contestants
  • record community support & involvement time
  • cost of contest

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