Twitter Session in Second Life

Thanks to everyone who attended the session on Twitter in Second Life at the Info Island International’s Open Air Auditorium on May 20, 2008. Slides, handout and links follow after the break. Follow me on Twitter @infogdss29



Handout: The handout content (from the Twitter notecard) follows:
What is Twitter?
Twitter is a microblogging application for text that encourages members to answer the question, “What are you doing now?” by posting a text message to their Twitter website at Similar to an away messages, members post what they are currently doing, reading, viewing, listening to, etc. Posting can be done via web, phone, browser search box or instant message.

Similar websites include Dodgeball, Jaiku, MoodMill, NowThen and Squawk.

Words to Know
Twit: someone who uses Twitter
Tweeting: the practice of using Twitter

What makes Twitter Web 2.0?
• Convergence
• Mobility
• User participation

What makes Twitter Social Software?

Friending! Members can elect to follow friends, so that their friends messages appear interspersed with their own. Conversations – and networking — often evolve. Updates from friends may be received on your preferred platform.

How can librarians and libraries use Twitter?

• Post reference questions (answers optional!)
• Note books to read, websites to visit, media to consume
• Keep in touch with friends and colleagues
• Conference and workshop microblogging

Sign up!

  1. Go to
  2. Click Join for Free” to get to the Create a Free Account screen
  3. Complete:
    • Username
    • Password
    • Confirm Password
    • Email Address
    • Character recognition
  4. Click “I accept. Create my account”

Library & Librarian Twits:

• Andrea Mercado – andreamercado
• Karen Schnieder – kgs• Linda Braun – lbraun2000
• Michael Stephens – mstephens
• Meredith Farkas – librarianmer
• Steven Cohen – stevencohen
• ADA Community Library, Boise ID – adalib
• ALA – alaannual2007
• Cleveland Public Library – Cleveland_PL
• Lunar & Planetary Institute Library – LPI_Library
• UIUC Undergrad – askundergrad
• YALSA – yalsa

Thompson, Clive. “Clive Thompson on How Twitter Creates a Social Sixth Sense.” Wired vol 15 no 7 June 26, 2007.

Hamilton, Anita. “Why Everyone’s Talking About Twitter.” Time.,8599,1603637,00.html/.

“Internet Slang Phrases.” Wikipedia.

A Twitter search application

Makes long web addresses short!

Twitter search application.

Twitter. LibSuccess.

Get a copy of the SL Tweets HUD for L$1 at SL Exchange! (may require setting up an account and depositing Lindens!).

SLTweets understands the following commands:
(note: my Tweet HUD works on the channel 123; yours may be different!)

  • /<code> setup <username> <password>’ – Register and store your Twitter Username and Password
  • ‘/123 help’ – Get this help
  • ‘/123 reset reset’ – Resets the SLTweets hud clearing all settings
  • ‘/123 user’ – Display stored Username
  • ‘/123 usersite’ – Visit the Users Web Site
  • ‘/123 channel <channel>’ – Change the command channel
  • ‘/123 show|hide’ – Show or hide the HUD completely
  • ‘/123 post <message>’ – Post your message to
  • ‘/123 note <note>’ – Store note for current location
  • ‘/123 tag <tag,tag,tag>’ – Store tags for current location
  • ‘/123 search <criteria>’ – Search your tweets, notes and tags on SLTweets.Com

To record your location:

  1. Click on your map
  2. Click “Copy SLURL to clipboard”
  3. Paste into your tweet post

A SLURL looks like this:
where SIM = the name of the sim, and X, Y and Z are numerical coordinates:

Please note that if you click on a SLURL to teleport, you must launch Second Life, then open your map, where the region and coordinates will be filled into automatically, and then click to teleport.

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