Gamers in the Stacks

Thanks to those who attended the Gamers in the Stacks session at PLA. It was presented at the Virtual Conference on Thursday afternoon, and LIVE on Friday morning.


Look for links bundled PLA at:

HANDOUTS, courtesy of YALSA:

The 50 core titles poster was originally printed in the YALSA journal, Young Adult Library Services:

YALSA’s Teen Gaming Interest Group:

The TGIG has an ALA online community – log in with your membership # & password at
Click “Divisions” and pick YALSA, and you’ll see the Teen Gaming Interest Group.

Another handout was on YALSA e-courses: my session on “Reaching Teens With Gaming” will be offered this summer.

YALSA membership form:

Membership Benefits handout:

A list of YALSA electronic resources:

YALSA programs at Annual in Anaheim:

Gaming ones are:

Teen Gaming Interest Group meets SAT at 1:30
Beyond Gaming Tournaments is SUN at 8:30 AM

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