John, Paul, George, & Ben by Lane Smith

4 stars! A passel of historical facts and a smattering of tall tales yield some laugh-out-loud results for readers who discover how Paul developed his booming voice (bells, bells, bells) and the reason (cherry trees + axe) George went on to become the only President not ALLOWED to live in Washington D.C.

Jazz Age Poet: A Story About Langston Hughes (Creative Minds Biographies) by Veda Boyd Jones illus. by Barbara Kiwak

3 stars! The author recounts facts in an engaging way, setting each scene with the sights and sounds of the time. The book contains no quotes from the Hughes, and neither the author or illustrator is a person of color.

First Son and President: A Story about John Quincy Adams by Beverly Gherman

3 stars!f Describing Quincy as man ahead of his time, Gherman reveals his love for science and abhorrence of slavery that made him unpopular, yet eventually came to pass. No timeline or photos make this a secondary choice for school reports.