The Idea of You by Robinne Lee

I am obsessed with this juicy novel (possibly based on Harry Styles of One Direction fame) and I can’t put my finger on why. I’ve re-read it more times than I care to admit. Boy band hottie comes onto art gallery owner twice his age after her ex wins tickets that include a meet and greet with the band. Sparks fly and a torrid long-distance love affair ensues.

I am not an art aficionado, a fashionista, or a listener of boy bands, and yet… Hayes’ maturity, Solange’s worldliness, their unlikely relationship … are all very compelling. I broadened my knowledge of mid-century furniture, music, and art, and armchair traveled to exotic locations. And the details of the relationship were frankly, hot.

I think the appeal is the idea that a “woman of a certain age” — which, let’s face it, I am — is the seductiveness of this novel. Solange confident and still has her insecurities, and Hayes is sexy, charming, and oh-so-appreciative of absolutely everything about her.

Five stars for a realistic portrayal of the rock star life, rabid fans who think they own their idols, and the challenges and benefits of a May-December romance.

Published by Beth Gallaway

reader, writer, gamer, LEGO enthusiast.

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