Lucky Leap Day by Ann Marie Walke

Sadie’s Hawkins Day is a real thing – and in Ireland, there is a tradition close to that date that every four years, on Leap Day, ladies propose to their loves. After a few too many drinks, an American screenwriter on holiday proposes to the hot music man she met in a bar and immediately gets married (or so she’s told, it’s all kind of a blur). With her vacation on deadline, she brings her new husband (and his little dog, too) back to LA, where her very superficial boss takes a liking to him and helps get him cast in a movie. Cara and Finn get to be friends – can they make the relationship work? Do they want to?

This was a quick read, written in a style that would lend itself well to a movie. The relationship was sweet, and there were several funny moments. Cara’s landlady – a former leading lady letting her live in the pool house – is a wonderfully rendered character of the golden age of Hollywood.

I received an advance readers review copy of #LuckyLeapDay from #NetGalley.

Published by Beth Gallaway

reader, writer, gamer, LEGO enthusiast.

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